TGIF people! I know that I just returned from North Carolina (visiting my super smart friend Melissa at Duke Hospital) but I’m ready for another long weekend. Of course I have to share some photos of our adventures, or should I say girly rituals from the trip.


There was “product time” – nail polish parties, makeup discussions, makeovers, & all that fun stuff.


You must keep up with & catch up on celebrity gossip & fashion trends.

We call these “critical reads”.


Candy in all shapes, sizes, & varieties is required.


Wear your flats to brunch & get a tan on your feet.


You must shop! Or window shop, all forms of shopping is acceptable!


Aren’t these bracelets amazing? Both of the above photos were taken at Magpie Boutique.


Did I mention that we had our own cupcake tasting/review party?  We did & we are proud of it!


You take time to smell the flowers, much like our friend the bee. We went walking to burn off all of those cupcake calories in our hiking shoes.


Sometimes time away is necessary & it brings you new inspiration, I’m very excited for some upcoming projects & collaborations on the blog so stay tuned! I hope you have a relaxing & wonderful weekend!

  • I want that cupcake!

  • looks like an awesome time! i love living here! hope you can come back and visit again 🙂

  • Fanny

    lovely pictures and you look amazing pretty on that first one !!!

  • I love that picture of you and I am guessing your friend. It is just awesome. I do love the bracelets and the rings would love to have them in my jewelry bin. It seems as if you and your friend had a great time together.

    • Raquel

      It was so great to catch up with my friend.