Stable Style: Aisle Envy


Brick Barn Aisle Envy #horsesandheels

Stable Style features are always a favorite of mine, check out these dreamy barn aisles I found online. How do they stay so clean?

Above, nice and airy stall fronts and a new brick aisle. Image Source > 

Barn Aisle Envy with Gorgeous Lighting #horsesandheelsThe string lights and combination of stone and light wood make this aisle feel bright and wide. Image Source > 

Barn Aisle Envy, white #horsesandheels

White always seems like a risky choice for a barn but I love the beautiful and fresh beams and natural light at Sagamore Farm. Image Source > 

Barn Aisle Envy, Dark Wood #horsesandheels

Over course, dark stained wood and exposed beams always nice too. Image Source > 

Brick Barn Aisle | Stable Style

Rebecca Ray’s charming barn mixes old and new. The renovated space kept the original bricks from the previous barn. Image Source > 

Barn Aisle Envy, Wood Ceilings #horsesandheels

The rounded wood ceiling in the stable in Wellington is beautiful. Image Source > 

Barn Aisle Envy with Brick #horsesandheelsHigh ceilings and brick support columns add to this aisle appeal. Image Source > 

The Enchanting Barn Aisle at Blue Stallion FarmLots of color and warm touches make Blue Stallion Farm feel cozy. Image Source > 

Barn Aisle Envy Antler Chandelier #horsesandheels

This barn has plenty of air flow and dramatic lighting. Image Source Unknown.

Are you drooling with me yet?

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2 comments on “Stable Style: Aisle Envy
  1. Amber Rhodes says:

    How incredible are these barns! Very spoilt horses!

  2. paulaewalker says:

    Ill tell you how they keep them so clean. Cause when you have this kind of money you can hire numerous people who do nothing BUT keep it clean!!!

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