Stable Style: Barrington Hills Barn
Barrington Barn at night, it looks pretty all lit up.jpg
Enter another beautiful barn, it embraces a modern and classic charm. Located in Chicago, Illinois Barrington Hills Barn is a very dreamy place built by Tiedmann Enterprises. I found this place (and lots of other great inspiration) on Houzz and just had to share.
Beautiful barn interior with a great stall set up.jpgThe stalls offer easy viewing and great ventilation.
Wide open stalls with great ventilation.jpg
The exterior of the barn front is picturesque with clear views in and out.
Weathervane on a cupola.
High ceilings, beautiful lighting and benches make this space aesthetically  appealing but it also offers practical design as well.
Beautiful wood and cabinets inside a barn office.jpg
A beautiful tack room and office space.jpg
Inside of the office or tack room.
Barrington Hills Barn.jpgOne last look at this good-looking property. What does your dream barn or stable look like?
Photos from Houzz
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  1. SC Girl says:

    I love these barns

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