Stable Style: Beautiful Exteriors

Sonoma Barn

While the exterior of a stable or barn is not nearly as important as what is on the inside (or the horses who reside inside), they can certainly make a statement. I’ve collected some beautiful exterior shots of horse barns & stables to inspire you. 

Sonoma Barn (pictured above).Nashville Horse Farm

Nashville Horse Farm

All Around FarmAll Around Farm

Villa Chiave

Villa Chiave

Fox HollowFox Hollow

Tidewater FarmTidewater Farm

Mine Road Farm

 Mine Road Farm

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One comment on “Stable Style: Beautiful Exteriors
  1. The photo of Mine Road Farm is so quintessentially eastern Pennsylvania/western NJ, where I am from. I love the beauty of this area, but no one wears gorgeous cowboy boots around here. Wish I could find a place that included both.

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