Stable Style: Eads Barn


A wood horse barn located in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Beautiful traditional wooden horse barn
The combination of wood & stone is so pretty, this cozy and inviting barn located in Nashville was too charming not to share. I found the Eads Barn project on Houzz (one of my favorite design websites). The project was completed by David Clark Construction, LLC. 
Eads barn, a beautiful wood barn on the East Coast
The barn’s overlook is beautiful & would be perfect for watching the starts or spending an afternoon reading or writing. This barn also has a spacious upstairs and a second story deck. Traditional cupolas and a copper weathervanePretty cupolas are a must and I love the copper weathervane. Check out this feature on Beautiful Weathervanes.
Large brick barn aisle and spacious stalls
The barn is stunning inside with fancy brickwork & gorgeous open stalls for lots of ventilation.
Interior shot of the stable with beautiful brick aisles
The barn has high ceilings, fans above the individual stalls lets in lots of natural lights with sky lights. The hanging chandelier is also a nice touch.
Laundry room and sink in the barn
A laundry & wash room are also located in the wood barn. Just about any horse owner would love to have a laundry room for saddle pads, boots and polo wraps.
Bathroom inside the barn
There is also a bathroom in the barn.
Spacious wash rack with rubber mats inside
And a large wash rack for its equine in habitants.
Upstairs of Eads barn, very spaciousThere are more fans for air circulation on top of the barn and an overlook inside of the barn as well.
Front extrance of Eads barnThe front entrance of the barn.
Dutch doors on the exterior of the barn with wood and stone detailsDetailed close up of the wood and stone.
Spacious barn overhang and dutch doorsComplete with dutch doors and overlooks on the outside.
Wooden dutch doors with black accents
The owners of the barn did not skimp of lighting or other important details designing the barn.
Exterior barn lighting
I love the rustic fixtures throughout the barn.
 This barn was completed by David Clark Construction and photos are from Houzz. Check out the rest of the barn on Houzz >
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One comment on “Stable Style: Eads Barn
  1. Melissa Head says:

    Oh my this barn looks fit for human living or parties – what lucky horses! Gorgeous

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