Stable Style: Fox Meadow Farm

Beautiful brick barn with wood doorsWelcome to the first of many additions of Stable Style. I want to give a huge thank you to Ashley Cline of the Equestrian Stylist for opening up her family’s farm for our viewing pleasure, prepare to be amazed, inspired & wishing you were living in Florida right now. All photos were provided courtesy of Kathy Cline Photography.

Farm Name: Fox Meadow Farm

Location: Ocala, Florida

Describe your farm in one word: ClassicAshley and Walter

Ashley with her Dutch Warmblood, Sir Walter who is originally from Holland. While Sir Walter is now retired, he lives on the farm & used to be shown in Junior Hunters & Amateur Owners.Antique wagon wheel by the side of the brick barn

The side of the barn with antique wagon wheels.  Ashley & her family LOVE to go antique/ vintage shopping in Ocala.  There are lots of equestrian & horse-inspired goodies at most places.  Sometimes you can find things from the 1800s!Jumps in the field

The jump field is Ashley’s favorite place on the farm, “I love the jump field because even though it’s mostly flat, there is a small hill at the far end that goes through the trees.  I love cantering up the hill and through the trees to the jump.  Before, the farm in south Florida didn’t have any trees– so the large Oak trees really make for a beautiful field.  It almost feels like you are riding on a cross country course!”The back of the barn and wash rack

The back of the barn area, it includes two wash racks.The interior of the barn aisle with high ceilings and fans

So crisp & clean inside. The high vaulted ceilings keep the barn cool in the summer time & each stall includes a ceiling fan & fly spray system for horses; it keeps them cool & bug free.

 Custom tack trunks in the barn

Tack trunks customized by Mcguinn Farms. There are even have the two mini ones for the mini horses.Donkeys in their stalls

I asked Ashley about the equine residents of Fox Meadow Farm & who lives there –  Sir Walter: Dutch Warmblood, Hadfield’s Minuet “Minnie”: Dutch Warmblood, Blue Rock “Salsa”: Retired small hunter show pony, Sam I Am: retired small hunter show pony, Duke the mini donkey, Nole the mini donkey, Pecan Grove’s Peppy’s Perfect Lady “Pepper” the miniature horse, & Fox Meadow Farm’s Maui Wowie “Fonzi” the miniature horse.Mini horses inside the barn

 The bedroom in the barn apartment


The barn also has  a guest retreat, or a “grooms quarters” that Ashley’s family built onto the barn. It’s very cozy, I don’t think I mentioned but Ashley’s family recently moved to Fox Meadow Farm & have put a lot of work into the place making it a home.The kitchen barn apartment

Kitchen area.The bathroom in the barn apartment

Bathroom. Pink and green horse bedding setEquestrian bedding, which is too cute!Yes, I was born in the barn

Born in the barn, why yes & who wouldn’t want to be with this barn?Birdhouses in the pasture

The pastures with a pop of pink!Grape fruit trees loaded with fruit

Grapefruit. Fox Meadow Farm has a full garden & grape vineyard, Ashley’s sister picks oranges from their trees every week & squeezes fresh orange juice, talk about delightful.Walter and Ashley at the farm

What type of discipline(s) do you show: Hunter/Jumpers.  “I grew up showing competively on the national “A” circuit from Winter Equestrian Festival to the Colorado Summer Circuit, National Pony Finals, Devon National Horse Show, and The National Horse Show.  I also grew up showing our miniature horses and took them to Miniature Horse Nationals in Ft. Worth Texas. But, most recently I started playing Polo.  I’m getting “hooked”… so, we’ll see where it takes me!”Horse trailers in the driveway

Trailers.A shaded driveway

The driveway lined pastures & beautiful oak trees.Gorgeous brick horse barn

I hope you enjoyed this addition of Stable Style as much as I did! If you want to keep up with Ashley please read the Equestrian Stylist to see what she is up to!

If you have a barn that you would like to have considered for Stable Style please visit the submissions page.

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12 comments on “Stable Style: Fox Meadow Farm
  1. Ashley says:

    Thank you Raquel for featuring the farm! I had a great time with this feature. My family & I are thrilled to be a part of Horses & Heels. <3 Equestrian Blogger Love, Ashley.

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    It was a privilege to slowly move through all those great photos. What wonderful facilities and lovely environment. A tribute to a lot hard work and planning I am sure and a credit to the family owners. Favourite were the mini ponies and donkeys – reminded me of our local miniature pony centre in Devon, UK. Link fyi.
    Also very envious of the freshly picked fruit – I can feel the sunshine and warmth even in this winter / spring chill. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glory says:

    What a glorioius article. Thank you so much.

  4. Randi says:

    Fox Meadow farm is beautiful. Thank you for letting us in.

  5. Photos are great! Barn is uber fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Suzie Salmon says:

    I LOVE this feature!!! Absolutely stunning! Thanks Raquel and Ashley for sharing such a beautiful property and home. Crisp and clean indeed…I think the stables are cleaner than my house! lol

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  8. Luen says:

    What a beautiful farm!

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