Stable Style: Hemlock Lane at Valley High

Beautiful Brick Barn Aisle | Stable Style


A couple of weeks ago you were introduced to a stunning tack room belonging to the one and only Rebecca of Rebecca Ray Designs. You may view that feature here. Today I am sharing a few more photos of the barn’s beautiful interior. Welcome to Hemlock Lane at Valley High. If you want a little more background on the planning and design that went into this stable please read Rebecca’s blog post on the farm here.

The barn is home to several lucky horses, don’t you think?

 Antique Horse Fixture | Stable Style Beautiful antique details can be found throughout the barn. Ribbon and trophy case | Stable Style

The gorgeous ribbon and trophy case.

Ribbons in the trophy case | Stable Style

Rebecca’s Percheron mares, the dogs and her daughter Lizzie have contributed a lot to the ribbon and trophy collection.

Orange cat resting in the barn | Stable Style

Resident barn cat, Dewey Decimal strikes a pose.

Brick Barn Aisle | Stable Style

The barn aisle is made from reclaimed bricks and is quite beautiful.

Rebecca, Lizzie | Stable Style

Rebecca, Lizzie, Dewey and Percheron mare Tammy (who happens to be in foal) strike a pose.

Leather halter and Christmas greenery | Stable Style

Greenery in the barn is always a nice touch. Festive wreaths hung around the halter hooks.

Lizzie and Licorice|Stable Style

One of my favorite photos is this one! Lizzie and her adorable Shetland Pony, Licorice.

Remember to take a peak inside the stable’s tack room, here.

For more on Rebecca Ray and to see her collections check out A Bit of Holiday with Rebecca Ray Designs (from last year).

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4 comments on “Stable Style: Hemlock Lane at Valley High
  1. Amber Rhodes says:

    What a gorgeous barn. Love the antique details. So unique.

  2. Laura says:

    DEWEY! I have a slight obsession with cats. ~slight~ I love them just as much as horses.
    Beautiful barn.

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