Stable Style: Small Barns

Small two horse barn in Mexico


Small doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when it comes to stables and barns. I rounded up so of the most adorable barns, some of them having just two stalls! The photo above is a two stall barn located in Mexico, the warm weather allows this barn to have open stall fronts and it’s surrounded by a small paddock for its lucky miniature dwellers.

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Small Horse Barn in Mexico for two

The only drawback to this barn is it doesn’t appear to have attached storage. But it looks like a nearby garage probably contains grain and tack. More photos and barn details at B&D Builders.

Small wooden horse barn

This small wooden horse barn is fully enclosed and offers storage for hay above. The small attached paddock and overhang is also nice for rainy days. More photos and barn details on Houzz.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Stable in Brentwood

I’m not sure if any horses live here but this quaint and stylish barn belongs to the Brentwood, California home of Gwyneth Paltrow. Brentwood is about 10 minutes away, do you think Gwyneth will mind if I stop over? More barn and estate photos on My Luscious Life.

Small rustic horse barn

This rustic and small barn is made with recycled materials and is only 30 feet wide and 48 feet long. It looks like the horses have plenty of outdoor pasture and space. More photos and details on Houzz.

Small horse barn attached to the garage

This horse barn resembles a garage with its doors and siding. The compact space is well designed, more photos and details on Houzz.

Two Stall Barn with Storage

Here is a three stall barn with one tack room, the low dutch doors have been customized to suite the needs of the small equine residents. More photos and details on Prime Stables.

Small horse barn with storage

A clean and modern white barn with open stall fronts and some storage, barn by Morton Buildings.

Small horse barn for warmer climates

This barn is located in a warm location so its open and inviting. More photos on Woodys Barns.

As you can see, small is anything but ordinary and definitely not boring! Do you have a small stable or barn? Feel free to submit photos of your barn to be featured in the Stable Style section.

Want more stable style?

Inside Rebecca Ray Designs' Gorgeous Tack Room

Ps. you have to check out the tack room tour of Rebecca Ray Design’s barn (view here)

If you love this post and want more beautiful barns, shop the books below or read 12 Equestrian Coffee Table Books for the Home.

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5 comments on “Stable Style: Small Barns
  1. Sunnyhorse says:

    That white barn, I’m virtually certain, is by Wick. Wick built my barn, and it’s still going strong almost 20 years on.

  2. Thanks for sharing your post.I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Martina says:

    Hey Raquel,

    These are great ideas! Gotta say that the rustic feel is definitely more up my alley. And I love the rustic kitchen at the bottom to go with it. Which book would you recommend first with that kind of style in mind? I’m looking to plan out a bigger rustic-feel barn and house as well.

    Thanks 🙂


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