I feel like I have been working on decorating for a while now with two moves in three months (one of them being across the country). My schedule is always busy so it’s been a process, plus when you are sticking to a budget you cannot always buy everything at once. I finally think an end is in site for the small “entryway” in our Santa Monica apartment; I have a few minor DIY projects to finish up and found final inspiration on Pinterest tonight. I turned to Polyvore to “sketch” out my ideas, I have so much fun using Polyvore to see how pieces, colors, textures and combinations look together.

Entryway #1 (above) features unique art, my thoughts on incorporating magazines as decor and a pop of color. Details for this style on Polyvore >

Entryway #2 features modern and western accents with lots of interesting shapes. Plus it combines my love for black, white and gold. Details for this style on Polyvore >

Entryway #3 features storage (always a bonus) and neutral shades. The horse photo is something I have always wanted to do with a photography I took. Details for this style on Polyvore >