Spoiled much? Of course.

Model much? Occasionally.

Tara has a new collar, I’m probably more excited about it than she is. In fact, she was definitely not happy that I scooped her up from her warm bed & interrupted her bone chewing so I could take pictures. That is probably why she looks so serious, but deep down I think she enjoyed the fuss & is now considering a career in modeling.

Here is the close up. Tara’s collar is a custom & one of a kind piece from The Cowboy Junkie. The collar was hand painted & then the conchos were also custom-made. I wanted something fun & colorful that involved pink & turquoise & Deanna of The Cowboy Junkie made exactly what I was looking for. I requested the peace sign conchos because I had seen similar ones that she created for someone else before.

The most fun thing about the collar is that it has painted flowers on one side & conchos on the other. Also I just have to say, the photos don’t even really do justice to how pretty this collar is!

That’s a wrap!

  • Ohhh!! Tara looks so cute with that wonderfull collar, definitley, perfect for her!
    Big big kisses!!!

  • You’re gonna laugh considering all the other stuff we have in common but I saw the pics and thought omg! She has my dog! I have a Jack Russel named Jack that looks just like Tara!

    • Raquel

      Awww I love it! Jack Russels are seriously the best, all rough & tough outside & then they expect the life of a king or queen while in the house.

  • Lucas Hanney

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