Tecovas Boots: An Honest Review

Looking for a new pair of boots? I put Tecovas to the test. 

Tecovas boots are affordable and comfortable

Last week I introduced you to Tecovas, an Austin, Texas-based company selling boots at an affordable price point.  It’s no secret I share a lot of boots and brands on this blog weekly. I’m boot obsessed and I know a thing or two about cowboy boots. I’ve toured three cowboy boot factories and worn almost every brand. Some boots are made better than others and it’s usually safe to say – the higher the price, the better the boot.

Tecovas come in at a price point around $200, that’s almost unheard of for a good pair of boots.  Most boots I’ve worn around the $200 mark aren’t boots I could vouch for in terms of all day comfort.  I’ve been wearing my Tecovas boots for a week and can honestly say these boots are meant for walking.  If you think a week isn’t long enough to test out a pair of boots, let me tell you this – I knew Tecovas were going to pass the test from the moment I put them on.  The boots fit snuggly around my feet, nice and comfortable. But once I took a step and felt the heel slip, I knew these were well made. I don’t notice the heel slip in all of my cowboy boots and it’s usually the more expensive ones that are better made that have this fit feature.

I actually put on my boots before I even read the boot try-on guide and accurately described the whole process to my husband beforehand. Then I picked up the guide and realized Tecovas really understood what made a good pair of boots. Fit is one of the most important aspects of wearing a pair of boots, chances are if the boot hurts you feet you are wearing the wrong size!  Remember my article on Debunking Common Myths About Cowboy Boots? This handy guide is something more people should read especially if they are uneducated about cowboy boots.

Tecovas Boot Try - On Guide

The fact that Tecovas put this handy try-on guide in the box with their boots was impressive.  I can’t think of a single boot brand that ever came this important piece of paper.

Another thing that really impressed me about Tecovas was the leather quality. Not all leather is created equally and I’m sure you’ve noticed that before. The aroma of new leather greeted my nose instantly when I opened the box and the boots felt buttery soft.

A closer look at Tecovas boots

These boots go with jeans, dresses, skirts, and rompers.

Poncho, denim romper, and Tecovas boots

Don’t mind these pale legs, they need a little more California sunshine to hit the.

A poncho, denim romper, and Tecovas boots

If you are in the mood for a pair of versatile and comfortable cowboy boots, this is the new brand you need to try!  These are my first pair, but they certainly won’t be my last pair.

Shop online for Tecovas boots > 

Boots provided c/o of Tecovas

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25 comments on “Tecovas Boots: An Honest Review
  1. Maria at Sugar and Spice Ranch says:

    Nice! I was waiting to read your review. I looked up the company last week. I like their philosophy and ethic. I’m planning on getting a pair. I just need to get a new fitting with a Brannock.

  2. joshua hanifen says:

    How are they on wet, slippery surfaces? I deliver produce and some kitchens floors can be a little slick , and also the steel plated floor on the delivery truck get condensation from hot air . Either way looks like a reallllly nice boot for about $200

  3. Dave Barrod says:

    Why not make boots in size 16 and above. People with big feet like quality boots too.

  4. Rich says:

    With all due respect….dem legs don’t need nuthin! Especially CA sun!

  5. Phillip says:

    I’m going to get the Dillon. Camen. Should I expect them stretch much?

  6. Phillip says:

    Oops. Caiman. Spellcheck

  7. Jane Roye says:


    • Raquel says:

      Hi Jane, I don’t believe Tecovas can do custom heel sizes. However I can give you some alternative suggestions for custom if you would like. Send me an email!

  8. Lucynda Jaeger says:

    Am I a total idiot?…. I just got my boots and felt like I got a massive workout before I totally gave up. I ordered true to size but for some reason I can’t get the shoe on to the heel. Are my feet too wide?

  9. Sheryle Pitman says:

    Your boots look so wonderful and I would wear them if you had a wide boot. As always people who had wide feet always get left of beautiful handmade boots. So we have to wear the ugly boots that might just fit.

  10. Greg says:

    I live in Pennsylvania.We get all kinds of weather here.I wear the same pair of boots every day for over a year and a half.Would Tecovas mens boots stand up to this kind of abuse.Mostly light work,house cleaning and a lot of walking in and outdoors.

  11. Elsworth Cherman says:

    Luchesse ,(sp) size 11.5 B semi round toe, fit great. Can I get Tecova in the same size?

  12. Louis Consolaro says:

    You have to many bits and pieces of your boots how about a full catalog with heels and toes. And a phone number to talk to someone.I have Luchesse number and they do talk to me.

    • Raquel says:

      Hi Louis! Horses & Heels is a blog so I don’t have a store or phone number for you to use. I just review and feature favorite cowboy boots. You can always email me if you have any questions!

  13. Tom Neweberry says:

    Just thought I’d send you a thank you, the boots are everything that you claimed and I got the opener :-).

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