The Little Denim Dress

The little denim and lace dress, a wardrobe essential

Just like the little black dress, every woman needs a little denim dress as a wardrobe staple. The Bluegrass Lace Dress from Noble Outfitters makes the perfect summer denim dress. The light stone washed denim with lace details makes this simple dress a versatile piece. Wear it with cowboy boots, heels, wedges, or flip-flops.

The overall shape of this dress is very flattering with my body type. If you want to add an accessory to it, put a belt on it. Belts are great for adding curves and definition when you need it. I decided against a belt because I didn’t want to call extra attention to my waist or chest. I have a very short torso, and I’m top-heavy; those are two things I don’t like about my body.  The dress fit me perfectly and it minimized the areas I wanted to conceal. A pair of favorite heels stretched my long legs and made this the perfect outfit for date night.

The little denim dress, a perfect date night outfitI always get a lot of compliments on my heels so I’ll give you the details; they are by Lucky Brand and are called the Sarla bootie. Sadly they are sold out last time I checked but below are some similar pairs you can shop for. Just like a little denim dress is a wardrobe staple, I also believe a pair of cowhide heels are a must have as well. Mango the Pomeranian and my favorite heelsA furry little Pomeranian also makes for a great accessory and best friend. 😍Mango the Pomeranian and my favorite cowhide heels

For more great clothing be sure to visit Noble Outfitters online. They also have great basics too, remember the Horse Show Essentials feature? Stock up on all-around boots, fly masks, and more!

Dress provided c/o Noble Outfitters

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One comment on “The Little Denim Dress
  1. Susan Friedland says:

    You look awesome (as does Miss Mango)! I LOVE the lace detailing along the neckline of the dress. Very cute.

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