I must confess, with all of this Christmas shopping I have been doing, I am lusting big time. I want new tack for my horses but my rules are absolutely no shopping for myself until everyone else is done! I refuse, it’s tough but I’m sticking by it. After Christmas… well that is another story. But now back to my current lust list store, The Mad Cow Company, their mission is simple, creating handcrafted goods for the individual who wants to stand out from the herd.

I would say mission accomplished. I have selected just a few photos to share with you of various handcrafted bits, spurs, & sets.

This bit is spectacular; gorgeous colored stores & bronc horses adorn it.

The pink, turquoise & green spur set is so pretty. As I read through a lot of the comments on Facebook, I would have to agree with them. Even if you don’t own a horse or ride, these bits & spurs would make great decorating pieces for your office or home.

This bit with roses is one of my favorite designs, it has such a pretty vintage look. Along with bits & spurs, The Mad Cow Company makes jewelry & plenty of other gifts. This might be a rare & first occasion that I say, give me more spurs & bits, no jewelry please. Can you tell I am smitten?

Another custom set, a skull bit & some very pretty turquoise & blue spurs. Amazing stuff, that’s all I have left to say. They are in Vegas for the NFR, booth number 561 so if you want to pick me up something for Christmas, that would be great. Just kidding… But if you are in Vegas (lucky you) do stop by & do a little shopping!

Photos from The Mad Cow Company Facebook page