Visit Nebraska for a Western Adventure

cute little donkey family

I spent last week traveling all over western Nebraska. I was on assignment for COWGIRL Magazine and was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit. I’m saving my best photos and details for my article, but I wanted to share some snap shots from the trip.

Pictured above is the cute donkey duo I met at High Plains Homestead. High Plains Homestead was one of my favorite places. I also pretended for a moment I was Jenn from The South Dakota Cowgirl when taking these photos 😀. Animals and wide open spaces definitely make me happy.

Scottsbluff National Monument

Scotts Bluff National Monument makes a gorgeous backdrop for a photo. If only these landmarks could talk.

skulls on the lodge

Anytime I saw skulls, cowboy boots, and rustic decor I got excited. Towns in Nebraska have a steer skull or wagon wheel on almost every corner.

Longhorn show down

I met a new friend in the pasture at High Plains Homestead.

old wagon with barrels in Nebraska

We had breakfast at Barn Anew on the first morning. It was such a charming place and excellent kick off to the trip.

mares in the pasture

I’m always finding random horses to photograph. Speaking of horses, both my husband and horse survived their first time home alone together without me.

Toadstool Park

Toadstool Park was another amazing stop. We hiked through the park at 6:30 one morning. I was impressed by the geologic formations.

saddle in the museum

We visited a ton of museums and I learned a lot along the way. Nebraska is filled with so much history that it’s easy to spend hours at just one museum.

Thanks for the adventures Nebraska!

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8 comments on “Visit Nebraska for a Western Adventure
  1. Cheryl says:

    Good photos. I love those little donkeys!

  2. Piers says:

    Can’t wait to read the article! Love it!

  3. Teresa korbesmeyer says:

    Looks amazing! Looking forward to reading the article. Someday….😀

  4. Stacie says:

    Great photos!! We always drive through NE on our way to SD every year! My favorite area is the Cherry Co. area; just rolling fields of grass and fantastic views for miles.

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