Happy July 1st… June was in & out in a flash. I’ve been keeping busy with LOTS of projects! I wanted to share some photos from the week. Tina’s broken hand has kept her away from these stirrups so they are making pretty kitchen decorations until she can get back on a horse. But I’m spending plenty of extra time in the saddle now.

Above are Tina’s new gorgeous Cowhorse Creation stirrups.

I did have time to stop & smell the flowers though. I took a trip to upstate New York to visit my boyfriend’s parents, it was so relaxing. This photo credit belongs to Adam.

I tried to take pretty pony photos in the pasture, it didn’t work. Rumor would rather hide, the bugs were terrible & it was too hot.

Rock salt, yum! Make sure your horses have plenty of water in this heat & salt available. We feed rock salt & I recently discovered Redmond Rock, which is an all natural rock salt that is mined in the US – Rumor approves.

Shooter & Topaz grazing in their temporary pasture. They were not happy I took their fly masks off for this.

Tina & I visited Rebecca Ray Designs on Friday for the sample sale. Talk about fabulous, I’ll have more photos & a detailed post on this later.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!